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Praise for Ranking the '70s

“These guys have done it again, trading in their love beads for disco suits. Consider the ‘70s ranked!!  Right on…er…Read on.”--Lou Simon, SiriusXM

"Excellent, meticulous evaluation and ranking of all the chart hits from a wild decade in popular music!"--Dick Bartley, žRock & Roll’s Greatest Hits and The Classic Countdown

“The 70s was a great time of coming together in popular music. It was Eagles…and Al Green...and Elton and Barry and Cher…the Jackson 5…James Taylor…all happening at once. It was an honor to play it all on my radio show…and, now, it’s a treat to sit back and read about how it all stacked up. Thanx Cousins Dann and Bill.  I really appreciate your numbers. Well Done."--“Cousin” Bruce Morrow / Host of Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Party and Cruisin’ with Cousin Brucie on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and author of Rock & Roll…And the Beat Goes On.

“Dann Isbell captured a true representation of every records’ chart performance with his first book, Ranking the ‘60s.  Now he and Bill Carroll have done it for the ‘70’s. Our memories may fade…and radio has certainly done its part to bias history by limited selection for airplay…but the facts don’t lie…every record that made the Cash Box charts from 1970–1979 is accounted for here, based on its actual chart performance at the time. It simply doesn’t get more accurate than that.”--Kent Kotal, ForgottenHits.com

“Isbell takes a fresh look at the charts and ranks every song with precision...from the ones you missed to the ones you can’t forget. Isbell’s exhaustive research shines new light on this rich facet of ’60s culture for fans and music scholars alike. This is very well done.”--Dave McAleer, Music consultant, (UK) Official Chart Company

"Dann Isbell has created an excellent ranking of ‘60s hit records and their performers based on a logical, well-thought-out point totaling system that puts all the widely varying years of the ‘60s decade on a more level playing field. It's interesting to compare this to the non-biased favorite song countdowns done in more recent times to see how some songs gain in popularity over the years while others just simply fall off the radar screen. I can't wait to dig in to Ranking the ‘70s to see how the favorites and the forgottens from that decade rank. These books are the perfect references and playlists for my internet show.”--Bob Radil, / Host, "The 60s/70s Show," Rewound Radio

The perfect guide to every hit of the 1970s, from 'ABC' to 'Y.M.C.A.,' from 'We’ve Only Just Begun' to 'Dim All the Lights.' Slip on your mood ring, hang that disco ball, crack open Ranking the ‘70s and 'Have a Nice Day!'" --Rich Appel, Billboard writer, and host of radio’s "That Thing with Rich Appel"

“Most books on music tell it the way the author wished it was--and are thus distorted by his or her personal opinions. That's why Ranking the '70s is so valuable. It accurately conveys what songs and stars most successfully spoke to and for the hearts of the only critics that count: the fans who are moved enough by a recording to request it on the radio and buy a copy for themselves.”--Gary Theroux, Writer-Producer-Host of "The History of Rock 'n' Roll"