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Finally--the complete and systematic ranking of every song and every act that peaked on Cash Box® magazine’s Top 100 pop singles charts of the 1970s—­­­­5,350 songs performed by 1,698 acts representing all the genres and their styles that made the ‘70s such a diverse decade for popular music: from brassy funk to sassy punk with varieties of pop, rock, soul and more in between.

Ranking the ‘70s is the world’s first and only uncut and unabridged ranking of pop music from the days of leisure suits and platform boots. That music stirred the passions of the “Me” generation from Earth Day, Kent State and women's lib through gas lines and the Bicentennial right up to inflation, ESPN and the Walkman and will transport early Gen X-ers back to family vacations, first dates, homework and high school graduation.

Open to just about any page and you’ll find your memories come flooding back to you as every song and every act is a fresh reminder of the past. It’s the final word in ‘70s countdowns.

But Ranking the ‘70s doesn’t stop with song and act rankings. You can also immerse yourself in the following features:

Each act’s catalogue of song titles ordered by chart popularity
A categorized listing of acts as soloists duos and groups
A revealing year-by-year ranking of every act’s popularity during the decade
The top 300 songs of each year
A unique song title index with its own special features
An appendix featuring the most intense records and acts, the top 150 one-hit wonders, fastest and slowest records to #1, highest entries and exits and more!

Ranking the '70s

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